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iConnect Test Prep

What is iConnect Test Prep Portal?

Online test preparation portal which enables a student to evaluate his/her strengths and weaknesses for various competitive examinations.

It offers the following:

iConnect Test Prep

Why Online?

21st Century students are the digital learners. But students should perceive internet not only as a source of entertainment but it also offers a tremendous source of educational resources.

Internet today offers, subject, topic and sub-topic  specific educational resources in numerous forms like animations, videos, blogs, articles, preparation quizzes, test preparation samples papers etc.



  • 10 Mock Test Papers Subject wise & 3 Sample Test Paper Chapter wise


  • Practice Questions | Instant Feedback | Win Prizes


  •  Affordable Fee

Standard 7, Analytical & Logical Reasoning, in Math is the most Viewed.

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Right time for the students and teachers to visualize Internet as the source of tremendous educational resources and reference materials.

Smarter Learning

  • Find out what you know and where you stand without having to go to an expert.
  • Become self-driven and independent.
  • Choose you target position amongst all the users.
  • Test, learn, retest and find out your improvement.
  • See yourself growing and learning.